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Your Blood Sugar Bootcamp

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Your Blood Sugar Boot Camp

Did you know you could be doing everything “right”, yet be on the verge of diabetes? All of us metabolize differently, and the result of this ultimately determines our long-term health. Your Blood Sugar Bootcamp will allow you to expand the gap between health and disease. It’s what you do in the middle that matters the most.

Genetics, lifestyle factors, stress levels, sleep quality, and external toxins all play into your blood sugar levels. So what’s your number? Let’s figure that out together, and get you to a much healthier place.

Your Blood Sugar Bootcamp offers the strategies to help you take control of your health, and ultimately, your life.

“In order to stay well, we have to practice the CAUSES of health”
~ Dr. Christiane Northrup

You don’t have to be diabetic to have your sugar levels wreak havoc on your energy levels & quality of life.  Your blood sugar is often a symptom of something beyond the foods you eat.    It’s not YOUR fault that you are struggling to achieve your health goals! 

If what you have always done that worked before just isn’t doing it anymore, you find yourself tired or having brain fog, you need caffeine to get through your day, we need to talk!

Your Blood Sugar Bootcamp offers the strategies to put you in the driver’s seat.  You will learn how to be the President of your own health.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know where you stand?  Wouldn’t it be great to remember that your doctor works for YOU?  How would it feel to ask challenging questions that protect you from making uninformed decisions related to your body?  Imagine the partnership you can develop with your doctor.

This program was developed to help people find their way through the overwhelming amount of information that is available today.  It is a simplistic way to understand what it means to “watch your carbs”.   When the doctor says you have pre diabetes, what does that even mean?  

 It is a program for you to be a participant in your own health and to be proactive in educating yourself on what is happening with your body.

What This Program Is NOT!

A quick fix or magic pill

A specific meal plan

A promises to promote health without putting in the work

Restrictions of all of your favorite foods

What This Program Is!

Proven strategies to reverse high blood sugar

Specific guidelines on what to avoid and what to embrace
when planning meals

A sustainable way to live with energy & satisfaction
without cravings in a healthy body

An education on how to combine foods to avoid sugar spikes
integrate healthier choices by understanding carbs & sugars,
how exercise can benefit in the right doses, lack of sleep
can make you fat, and chronic stress can ultimately lead
you to diabetes.

What Will I Learn From This Course?

Week 1

Start YOUR Journey to Better Health

  • Lesson 1 – The More You Know the Healthier You Grow
  • Lesson 2 – Supplies & Applications
  • Lesson 3 – Measurement & Frequency
  • Lesson 4 – Finding Your Starting Point

Week 3


  • Lesson 1 – Now What?
  • Lesson 2 – What is a Carb?
  • Lesson 3 – Nutritional Dos & Don’ts

Week 5


  • Lesson 1 –Sleep 101

Week 2

What Got You Here?

  • Lesson 1 – Low Hanging Fruit
  • Lesson 2 – Your Perfect Eating Plan
  • Lesson 3 – Trending Factors
  • Lesson 4 – What is your eating type?

Week 4


  • Lesson 1 – Let’s Get Moving
  • Lesson 2 – Benefits of Exercise
  • Lesson 3 – Find Your Movement Motivation
  • Lesson 4 – When working out is just not “working out”

Week 6


  • Lesson 1 – Fight or Flight
  • Lesson 2 – Crying Wolf
  • Lesson 3 – Technical Support
  • Lesson 4 – Real World Solutions

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